The Pass (Part 2)

It seems like it’s been a long winter, cold and wet and full of non-cycling stresses and diversions but Buttertubs has waited for me and today was the reunion. Three months it’s been. I promised I wouldn’t stay away so long next time. One of us has seen other hills while we’ve been apart, one of us other cyclists but we didn’t talk about that. Neither of us has changed much although there is a big orange banner at the bottom erected by the parish council to welcome the bike race which I have probably already mentioned is visiting these parts in July. It’s not like a tattoo or something though, not permanent, and will be gone in time, well before July I would expect. In terrible shape I may be, and the wind still has a bite to it but winter has yet to run its course and today was a gift of sunshine and dry roads so to stay indoors would have been a terrible thing, being all warm, by the fire, with a mug of tea, watching DVDs, all snug on the sofa, yes, terrible…



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