Grand Départ (Part 2)

There still exists in english common law the ancient offence of takingitmuchtooseriously however as is the case with the law about practising archery at weekends it is little prosecuted in today’s po-faced world but with the Tour de France only a few weeks away never has there been so much of this kind of thing around; Schools which plan to close on Friday due to a bike race which starts on Saturday because ‘the roads will be busy’ although not too busy for the teachers to drive to the airport for a long weekend no doubt, people who retired to villages sometimes inaccessible for days in winter writing letters to the local press about running out of Viagra on Saturday lunchtime and not being able to go for more out until after tea, and earnest looking men, brows furrowed beneath dark glass and plastic hats with proper shoes and everything riding the parcours and looking disapprovingly at local riders out for a spin and going the wrong way over the Côte de Somethingorother. Thank goodness then for the makers of this video who would not be found guilty by any court of takingitmuchtooseriously although they might get issued a ticket for shamelesslytakingthepiss out of something we’re all to supposed to be approaching as if it’s a natural disaster rather than a brilliant day out watching a bike race.


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