The Moor (Part 5)

The opening stage of the 2014 Tour de France passes over Grinton Moor in North Yorkshire, Saturday July 5th, to be won 60km later in Harrogate by Giant-Shimano rider Marcel Kittel.



  1. exmaschine

    I was in York for stage 2? So, so disappointed. All the good view points, the wall, the grassy hill around the big round fortress, we’re ALL fenced off. I couldn’t see a damn thing. It was a circus.

    York was really great though. Amazing city. Excellent food, super friendly people! But the local council fucked the Tour up beyond belief. It was obvious they were green at hosting a grand tour…what a shame.

    In contrast, I was at stage 8 in Porrentruy in 2012, it was great. NO restrictions at all. Of course, we’re comparing the Efficient Swiss to the Brits…no contest mate. No offense…just being honest. Believe me, they make us Americans look like morons! 😁 The Swiss do almost everything right!

    But, I was thoroughly impressed with York. Such rich history and beautiful architecture. The Shambles…the Abbey’s, the scones and clotted cream!!!! 😁😁😁 One of the best places I have ever been to.

    • northernbike

      sorry to hear about your experience of the TdF in York – sounds like it was a little over controlled by the city – up on the fells the atmosphere was more like a festival or pilgrimage or something, no fences or controls, just a lot of people hanging out together on a hillside chatting and chilling – a very memorable day – Agree that York is a lovely place to visit most of the rest of the time though

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