• northernbike

      you mean the lake – that’s Red Tarn – the depression is a corrie where once a glacier began – you’ll see a few of those in the highlands too, deep scoops out of the side of a mountain with sharp edges, arrêtes, either side – it looks great against the snow doesn’t it – when it’s colder for longer it freezes and gets covered over itself

  1. slipperywitch

    What date did you actually go up Helvellyn? You may well have passed my husband,Graham Uney – the new felltop assessor! His blog is at grahamuney.wordpress.com, if you’re interested and not already following him. I went up with him on the 30th, and the snow was starting to disappear. Great pics by the way, and thanks for following my blog.

    • northernbike

      hi slipperywitch, I was there on that Monday, the 29th – going straight up from Glencoyne then along to Helvellyn and down Swirrel Edge to Glenridding – it was a super day although you’ll see from lack of photos from the top there was a bit of cloud to go through as well – let’s hope for some more snow before the winter is out, although not so much to make your husband’s job too hairy of course

  2. shallwehike

    These photos are wonderful – must have been a fantastic walk at that time of year. There was even still a tiny bit of snow at the summit when I went up Helvellyn two weeks ago, but nothing like this!

    • northernbike

      Hi shallwehike – thanks for visiting – yes, the fells can be very beautiful in winter – just need to start out early and put all your warm gear on – in winter it’s quiet, the low light can be spectacular and there’s nothing like the crunch of snow underfoot – but all seasons have their own appeal and the streaky snow cover left over in shadows and depressions in the spring can be just as picturesque as it accentuates the ups and downs of the terrain

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