Category: The Snow


A Saturday morning and a bit of an afternoon spent wandering the fells around Honister Pass, well, somebody had to as there didn’t seem to be any other bugger around today. Honister will be familiar to many of the bike riders of the North of England and even beyond although nothing with wheels was going up there this morning and a hundred years of evolution of transport technology was briefly rendered completely obsolete by the soft gentle silence of the early morning snow.

The Scar (Part 3)

Between the un-outdoor occasions of Christmas and the New Year, between the wet roads thawing briefly under the winter sun and freezing again, between all the stuff left behind in the world of work and all the stuff that’s still waiting there, between thinking sod it, it’s december, let’s skip this ride and have another cake and realising oh crap I don’t think I’ll ever get up anything higher than a speed bump on a bike ever again if I don’t get out soon, between a proper honest-to-goodness round of the fells and a grudging valley spin to tick off some miles, between the snow which has fallen to the north and the snow which has fallen to the south, between the valleys of the Swale and of the Ure is Oxnop Scar, doing us proper proud today.