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Richmond (Part 2)

Stage 3 of the 4th edition of the Tour de Yorkshire rolls out of Richmond to be won in a sprint along the sea front 180km later in Scarborough by Max Walscheid of Team Sunweb.


The Morning

I may have mentioned before that life at this time of year can be very grey, almost bereft of colour in fact. The sun often rises and sets behind the anonymity of the cloud and gloom and when there is some ceremony to the occasion because the first happens between eight and nine and second between three and four I am, like most people, generally not free to take the time out to watch the whole event so please forgive me if, when the opportunity does arise, I get get a little carried away. I hope everyone has had as good a Christmas as work, weather and all the other stuff that intervenes in life could permit and I wish you all the very best for the new year.